BLVD Academy 大道學苑

上課地點: 1400 Jericho Tpke, New Hyde Park, NY 11040
電話: (516)-304-8968, (516)-593-1671
通知 Announcement:
大道学苑(Boulevard Academy) 2019年秋季学期(9/14/19-1/18/20)招生开始了。我们的宗旨是行大道,走正路。培养、帮助在校学生提高、加强基础知识的训练,打下扎实的文、理功底, 提高应试能力,为进入所期望的各类高等学府深造创造条件。当今美国初等教育的一个特点是所教内容非常广泛, 但讲不深, 讲不透。我们课程在现存大纲的基础上进行加强和提高。
• 英语课的内容包括:(a)词汇、(b)语法、(c) 阅读和 (d)写作四部分。
• 数学课的内容是在学校的基础上作加强 和提高。包括:
(a) 代数、几何,三角,前微积分和微积分
(b) 美国初、高中数学竞赛American Math Competitions (AMC8 - 12)
(c) 在长岛地区常見的小数学家 (Mathletes) 竞赛
• 新SAT辅导班SAT课程包括:
(a)数学, (b) 阅读, (c) 语法,和(d) 短文写作。 我们的新SAT辅导班课程涵盖了新SAT考试的所有可能的题型, 学生做到充分的练习,以收有备无患, 事半功倍之效。
我们的老师经验丰富,有数十年的课堂教学经验。他们都任教于美国的公立、私立大学和中学。大道学苑的校长成丽虹从1990年就开始在纽约市和纽约州的教育系统工作, 有丰富的课堂教学和行政管理经验。编写过教学大纲和各年级数学课程的教案。他对美国的教育系统有深刻的认识。他在过去的十几年里帮助了无数的学生实现了进长春滕校园深造的理想, 其学生遍布了所有排名前30的大学。
秋季班九月十四日开学,上午9:30am 到 12:30pm 为文化课时间。可以电话或 Email联系报名。上课日期和报名表可以下载。
上课地址是: 1400 Jericho Tpke, New Hyde Park, NY 11040。 联系电话为:(516)304-8968
Fall of 2019 registration has started. The heartfelt purpose of Boulevard Academy is to improve the academic performance of our students. Through our enrichment programs, our students are given the opportunity to strengthen and perfect their skills in preparation for both their standardized and aptitude tests. Our enrichment programs propel them to excel, making their dreams of entering their desired higher education institutions a reality. Our programs at Boulevard Academy are thoughtfully designed to challenge our students, and at the same time making all efforts to support their school's curriculum. We offer the following programs:  
(1) English and mathematics enrichment, designed for grades 3 to 12. The current New York State Learning Standards (NYLS) cover a wide range of topics, but at the same time the curriculum offers little depth. Our curriculum, on the other hand, provides an in-depth discuss of the topics. Our English classes are centered in the areas of vocabulary, grammar, critical reading, and creative writing. Our mathematics program addresses the level beyond the NYLS. We also offer Mathletes Contest, which is given in Nassau County, and also prepare students for the Math Olympiads (Gr. 3 – 7) and American Mathematics Competition,AMC 8- 12.
(2) New SAT prep. In March, 2016, The College Board adopted a new SAT exam - an exam that included a number of changes and updates. Our SAT Prep course addresses those changes and covers all possible types of testing questions. Students will be well prepared and ready for the challenge.
Our staff maintains decades of classroom teaching experience at both private and public universities, as well as at K - 12 schools. Mr. Lihong Cheng, the principal and founder of Boulevard Academy, began his teaching career in 1983. Starting in 1990, he began his teaching in schools in New York City and in New York State from 1998 and on. He has a wealth of knowledge in implementing school curriculums. His teaching and administrative experiences are exemplary. He has written (and continues to write) curriculums for math, as well as syllabi for different school districts. His graduating students can be found pursuing their education within the academic halls of our top 30 universities. Fall program information sheet, calendar and registration forms all can be downloaded from this website. We welcome your children to join the program. It will make their learning both meaningful and highly productive.