BLVD Academy 大道學苑

上課地點: 1400 Jericho Tpke, New Hyde Park, NY 11040
電話: (516)-304-8968, (516)-593-1671
通知 Announcement:
2020年大道学苑暑期班将于6月22号开学。我们暂定六个星期。从6月22号到7月30号。到时假如有需要的话,我们再延长开第二期。 因为今年的特殊情况,我们所有教学都在网上进行。上午的课程是数学和英语,每天三个小时,每周从星期一至星期四,9:00到12:00。 下午我们增开了美国数学竞赛辅导课,电脑编程课,C++, JAVA 和物理课。有兴趣的学生可以报名参加。下午的课程每周两次,每次两个小时。 人数有限,报名从速。6月6号前报名的学生,享有$50的优惠。有问题请电邮或者电话联系.
Dear parents and students of BLVD Academy,
BLVD Summer program will start on 6/22/2020. Our program is 6 weeks long. If there is a need and we will extend the second phase. Because of the special circumstances of this year, all our teaching is conducted online. The morning classes are math and English, three hours a day, Monday to Thursday, 9:00 to 12:00 every week. In the afternoon, we added American Mathematics Competition Tutoring Class, Computer Programming Class, C ++, JAVA and Physics Class. Interested students can sign up. The afternoon session is twice a week for two hours each time. The number of people is limited and registration is fast. Students who register before June 6th will receive a $ 50 discount. If you have any questions, please email or call. Regards,
Mr. Lihong Cheng