BLVD Academy 大道學苑

上課地點: 1400 Jericho Tpke, New Hyde Park, NY 11040
電話: (516)-304-8968, (516)-593-1671
通知 Announcement:
大道学苑春季班报名已经开始了。详细情况,请看信中附带的文件。大家熟悉的公共核心大纲,将会在2020年被慢慢地取代,新的教学大纲是“新一代学习标准大纲”。 大道学苑的课程扎根于基本知识,基本技能的练习和训练,为进入一流学校升学、深造打下一个扎实的基础。美国学校课程的一个共同的特点就是它教得宽,但是讲不深,就是我们常说的一英里宽、 但只有一英吋厚。我们的做法是选择重要的内容进行有重点的练习,不断提高学生的基本功。不管新的大纲如何变化,但是基础课的基本内容依然不变,所以我们要扎根基本的内容,打好扎实的基础。
欢迎大家来电咨询,参加我们的学习课程,给学生不断提高创造一个条件。上课时间是每周六,上午9:30到12:30。我们有数学和英语两大课程,还有SAT 课程。今年开学日期是2020年2月8日。 在12月31号前报名的家庭和学生依旧享有$30的优惠。提早报名可以帮助我们更好的安排老师和学生。谢谢大家的协助。如有问题,请电邮或者电话与我们联系。
Dear parents and students of BLVD Academy,
Registration for the spring term of BLVD Academy has begun. Please see the attached files for the detailed information. The Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) that everyone is familiar with will be slowly phased out in 2020. It will be replaced by the "New Generation Learning Standard”. Under the ongoing changing environment, we rooted our studies in the basic skills and fundamental knowledge. We believe that core knowledge of the primary and secondary education will remain the same.
A common feature of the existing school curriculum is often characterized as “mile wide but inch deep”. Our approach is to select important topics for focused practice and drill. We emphasis on the basics and to have thought provoking discussions in a small group learning setting. Please feel free to call if you have any questions.
Classes are held every Saturday from 9:30 to 12:30. We have Mathematics, English, and SAT prep. The spring term starts on 2/8/2020. If you sign up before December 31, you will enjoy $30 discount. Early registration can help us better arrange teachers and students. Thank you all for your cooperation and we are looking forward to see you all in the spring term.